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EMMYs 2012 Best Quotes AND OOPS of the night

When Claire Danes won the Emmy Award for best actress in a drama on Sunday night for her work on “Homeland,” she thanked numerous individuals connected with the show. But when she got to co-star Mandy Patinkin, she was so overcome with respect that the only thing she could get out initially was, “Mandy Patinkin: holla.”

This is now, officially, one of the greatest sentences in the history of the

English language. Gawker went so far as to proclaim it the “newAngelina Jolie’s leg.”


When the Nats win a crucial game? “Mandy Patinkin: holla.” When you realize that the second season of “Homeland” begins in just one week? Oh, total “Mandy Patinkin: holla.”

All of this is a long way of saying that “Mandy Patinkin: holla” was by far the best quote of the 2012 Emmy Awards. But it was not the only repeatable line. Here’s a list of the top seven.

NASA Television 2009 Philo T. Farnsworth Prime...

NASA Television 2009 Philo T. Farnsworth Primetime Emmy Award (200908190001HQ) (Photo credit: nasa hq photo)


7. “This is what happens when you don’t come to rehearsal.” — Seth MacFarlane

OOPS…The fact that MacFarlane said this in his Stewie voice after missing his microphone mark on the Emmy stage made this quote a bit more memorable than it might initially look.

6. “I think I just sort of bang on and hope something will dribble out.” — Julian Fellowes

The “Downton Abbey” co-creator said this during a segment on writers’ block. But taken out of context, it, um, does not sound like he’s talking about writing.

5. “I just have to say that, just looking at this thing it reminds me a little bit of the Olympics. You know, the Olympic sports in London. It doesn’t seem like much of a sport, you know, this trophy here.” — Kevin Costner

Costner said this after winning the Emmy for his work in “Hatfield & McCoys.” No one on Twitter seemed to understand what he meant by it. I am not sure Costner even knew what he meant by it.

4. “The normalese for outside lead actress in a deal are…” — Tina Fey

So this was the part where Tina Fey pretended she couldn’t read the teleprompter while presenting lead actress in a drama, and co-presenter Jon Hamm pretended to be exasperated, and viewers at home genuinely wished Fey and Hamm could read the names of all of the nominees while doing this same George-and-Gracie-style routine.

3. “I’m an atheist, and that worried me.” — Ricky Gervais

Gervais improvised this sharp quip when a voice could suddenly be heard during his presentation of the Emmy for best direction in a variety special. The voice probably came from the control room. Or, perhaps, God. Or, to dovetail on the previous entry, George Burns in “Oh, God.”

2. “Years from now, when the Earth is just a burning husk and aliens visit, they will find a box of these and they will know just how predictable these [bleeping] things can be.” — Jon Stewart

What Stewart said upon accepting the Emmy for best variety, music or comedy series for the tenth year in a row, thereby making us less fatigued of seeing “The Daily Show” win this every single year.

1. “Mandy Patinkin: holla.”

Claire Danes said it all and she said it best.

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