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Work from home. Is there such a thing? REVIEWED AND REVEALED

Are there real work at home jobs? Yes there are SOME, but, they are also difficult to find. Who doesn’t want to work from home?

Finding work at home employment isn’t easy. I have paid for many “work at home” jobs only to be scammed in the end. I even had one want to do a credit check on me and charge me $500 for training. REALLY? “I don’t think so Tim”

Yes, for the most part there are sign up cost for work at home jobs; Mary Kay, Passion Parties, Avon, just to name a few. All great companies but there is still a slight fee to get started.

Despite all the online advertising you see, there aren’t that many legimate work at home jobs. In fact, there are more scams than real work from home opportunities.

Job seekers who are really motivated and interested in home employment need to spend a good deal of time searching for legitimate opportunities, as well as a significant amount of time weeding through scams.

Many people who work from home started out working in an office, but, were able to arrange with their employer to work some or all of time at home. Some stay at home jobs include the dreadful cold calls, door to door sales, or hosting parties on weekends you would rather spend with your family.

Listing all the illegitimate, B.S. work from home scams would mean a HUGE list and lots of time! PLUS they are constantly changing their names, and websites. Lucky for you I’m a sucker and have tried many. I’m always looking to do something new.

Below are THREE of the BEST and EASIEST source of online AT HOME income I have found.

First we have MCA

This is actually my favorite

What is Motor Club of America? MCA is a REAL BBB accredited business. Go ahead, look it up. 😉 MCA has been around  since 1926 years and has built itself for a highly regarded, and trusted company within that time period with individuals throughout Canada and the U . S .

They  provide a wide range of services and products to drivers, and non drivers through the entire U . S . and Canada which range from roadside assistance, hospital emergency benefits, travel assistance, hotel discounts, plus much more. The rate and coverage are incredible. Definitely something I would feel good about selling to my grandparents.

MCA business associate provides earning possibility for anyone, from work from home mom and dads, students,retirees, p/t and f/t working adults, and professional internet marketers alike.

COST? It only cost $40 (first Two months prepaid membership) becoming a “Total Security Member” and $19.95 each month thereafter. The compensation plan proposed by Motor Club of America is definitely one of the most lucrative above any throughout the industry.

For each memberships sold for just $40 an MCA associate will get an $80 compensation check each week via UPS or direct deposit, meaning that even with 1 $40 “Total Security Membership Package” sale each week you can now easily earn an additional $80 each week or $4,160 annually  by sharing Motor Club of America’s trusted products, and services. 

You will also receive a FREE WEBSITE when you become a TOTAL SECURITY PLAN member that you can market anywhere online…

MCA also has an array of MARKETING TRAINING MATERIAL in each associate members back office which is very powerful, and contains informative marketing strategies you can implement from day one to get your MCA business off of the ground into PROFIT mode ASAP!

Another great thing is that you can ALSO share this great business opportunity offline as well…


To the right is a picture I took with my phone to show the payout system (you will also have to fill out a W9). As you can see I just started and honestly have done nothing but post a few ads on Craigslist and added some links on my blogs. SURPRISINGLY,  now that I know it’s legit and works I want to share with the WORLD! and I WILL be promoting this more!

To Learn More about MCA click the image Below. In my opinion, the capture page could use some work, but the company and product itself has been AMAZING! I can’t complain about the payout either.



So for a while I was hearing all this hype about Empower Network. Two guys one idea story. Both David Wood and David Sharp were at the bottom and had to make it to the top, and they did!!! THOUGHTS? SCAM, RIGHT?! Well I brushed it off until I was hearing about Empower Network conventions and a friend had actually gone. So now I’m really curious. Signed up ($25) and WHOA, this company is truly committed to getting you results. There have great resources, provide you with your own blogging systems AND ads!

The commissions paid to affiliates is at a rate of 100%  That’s right people, you earn 100% commissions on every product.

The basic product is a viral blogging platform completely set up for immediate use upon purchasing  it. There is nothing for the user to do… except blog. There is nothing to set up, it is completely optimized and ready to use.

You receive your own blog on their domain and their domain is already an accepted authority site in the search engine’s eyes.

The other products are trainings to help you build a serious business and income. The Inner Circle product is a series of audio trainings from a variety of internet marketing industry leaders and is updated regularly.


Empower Network Review- Is it Worth It?

For a $25 investment, basically the cost of a website hosting company,  you have the ability to leverage a top domain that has an Alexa ranking of roughly 600 and the fact that it also pays 100% affiliate commissions only makes it a more attractive program. So does this Empower Network Review recommend this program…Yes without hesitation.

Let me share…I just started over the weekend so I have yet to get paid but I have already  3 members and 4 leads. Not bad for 3 days.  Remember the friend I mentioned earlier? Because I haven’t been paid she was kind enough to send me some info on the payout when she first started. She sent it for inspiration so sorry about the personal note lol

To find out more about EMPOWER NETWORK click the image below



I like this company because it’s pretty cut and dry and there are no out of pocket costs. So if you  don’t want to pay anything this is for you.

The whole idea behind this program is to join trial periods for certain items for free or a small cost of only a few dollars. You can keep the product or cancel before the trial ends so you will not be charged anything. Is there any catch? A credit card is required for most programs. Also, you must remain in the trial period for at least 80% of the time. For example, if the trial period runs for 10 days, you must remain in the program for at least 8 days before cancelling if you decide the product isn’t for you.

However, remember when I said you won’t have out of pocket costs to start? That is because, although you may pay a small cost of $2 or $4 for the trial period item, your sponsor will reimburse you, or give you a bonus of, $15 within 24 hours after you become eligible and earn your 1.0 credit at Zip Nada Zilch, thus bringing your start up costs to $0 and no out of pocket costs to you.

With this you actually have to do advertising to refer others. Each time you refer someone and they successfully complete their 1.0 credit, you will receive your $60 payment from Zip Nada Zilch. Then, you pay your referral $5-15 to cover any expenses they may have incurred. You will make $45 per referral. This is unlimited. If you refer one person each week, you will earn $45 a week from this program. If you’re able to refer 10 people a week, you will earn $450 each week. Refer more to earn more.


Great for the Skeptical yet Frugal person

I think this is a GREAT and super easy online source of income if you are not looking to pay out of pocket for resources. My first week I made $135. I can live with that. Since then I have been neglecting to work for ZNZ only because I have been researching and attempting to make a training/tips/tricks site for my team at MCA and EMPOWER NETWORK. I am totally committed to seeing my team succeed and and reach their financial goals. Once my sites are done I will be able to refocus. It’s kinda overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know much about computers lol

For more info

click image below

This is what I have found online that have ACTUALLY worked. If you know of more feel free to share.

If this page tickled your fancy, comment and share 🙂

Moni Vargas
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If making money in your business isn’t EASY, you ain’t doing it right…


…this might sound a bit ‘off‘ from what a lot of people are saying, but I PROMISE you, that what I’m saying here is not only true, but when you really get it – I don’t think you’ll ever struggle to have money in your life again.

Let me define this for you…

When I say that making money is easy – I’m not saying it doesn’t involve workwhat I am saying is that there should be no struggle involved in the process, and when you understand the flow of money and how to create income on demand, your income will ‘flow’ instead of having that feeling that you’re beating your forehead against a wall with nails in it…

Here’s how this post got inspired:

I was in an airport the other day, and got talking to a speech pathologist who is traveling through Costa Rica with some friends for the next month or two. After 2 or 3 minutes, she asked me what I do for a living, and I just decided to tell her the truth…

“I’m a drug dealer.”

After she got nervous, I laughed and said ‘kidding, seriously – what I do is EVEN better – I get paid to live like I want all day.’

We then started talking about economics, the government, the Federal Reserve System, and how the internet and instant communication fits into the future of the world.

(well, OK – it was me talking and her being bewildered by foreign concepts that almost no one understands…)

It became very clear to me in about 10 minutes, that this 35 year old gal had NO IDEA how the flow of money worked in the world, and it got me thinking…

…I wasn’t really able to create income on demand until I learned how the flow of money worked – and once I understood HOW it worked – I got rid of a bunch of silly concepts that were holding me back from creating what I wanted to create in my life.

So what the HECK did I learn?

…all of this nonsense resulted in me (along with the entire baby boomer generation – WHICH by the way, isn’t as true anymore, they are waking up to the real nature of what’s been happening to them in a BIG way right now) not understanding AT ALL the truth behind creating income.

I was raised with the philosophy that if I worked hard – I would be paid a fair wage for my labor – whether it is mental labor, as a product of my intellect and education, or whether it was.

In any case – it took me A LONG TIME to figure out that what I just described has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you’re going to have.

It’s funny – but if you’re an employee and you just ‘work hard’ you’re pretty much guaranteed a set wage as long as you have a job and perform – but employee’s rarely think about where the money for that wage comes from, that it has to come from several things:

1. Money changing hands from one person to another

2. Profit being generated from the difference between cost of goods and the revenue created.

3. BAM! There’s now money to pay the employees, and hopefully some left over at the end of the month for the boss! (otherwise, you ain’t going to have that job for long)

Let me tell you the important part of that scenario though – that is the KEY indicator of a successful business:


You see, when I was in Amway, I worked REALLY HARD – the problem was, I didn’t understand that working hard has nothing to do with how much money you make. Let me explain the formula in a little more detail, and I’m going to show you how most people get hung up:

The formula is this: Person A has money, and gives it to Person B in exchange for something he wants.

Here’s the thing most people don’t get (it’s not that they don’t understand it – it’s that they never really think about it). To get the money from Person A – Person B doesn’t have to actually be involved in that process AT ALL.


Nope – in fact, how hard you work has nothing at all to do with how much money you are going to have in your life – how much money you’re going to have has literally only one key factor – how many people give you money, how much they give you, and what your profit margins are after you pay for everything.

When I figured that out – I started asking the next key question:

“Gosh dangit – how then do I get lots of people to give me lots of money – and what do I give them in exchange that’s so valuable that they’ll KEEP giving me money over, and over again???”

Lol. Kind of funny in one way – but thinking along those lines let me to a fascinating discovery – there are only actually a FEW WAYS of getting people to give you money! (legally, anyways – we’ll throw out gun-point robbery and drug dealing for now) All you have to do is pick one of these ways (they have different levels of pain and work depending on the method) and BAMB! Let’s make you some easy cash now!

Method #1 (The Stupid Way): Trade your manual labor (either mental or physical) for money your boss gives you, and just expect that it will keep working. The reason this way sucks, is that you’re intimately involved in the money-getting process, meaning that you have to show up to get paid.

Method #2 (The Smarter, But Not So Smart Way): Sell stuff to people that they don’t want or need, by getting really good at selling. This method can work to make lots of cash now – but the problem is, you’re still intimately involved in the process and are trapped – just like the employee – and since people don’t really want your stupid product, you won’t have any recurring purchases and selling will eventually burn you out.

Method #3 (Getting There – But Not Quite The Greatest Money Getting Method): Find a group of people who want something, and find a way to sell your product or service to them by leveraging what THEY WANT, to sell them what YOU WANT. This method actually works quite well if you know how to sell, but the problem with it is, there’s always a limited market with this method – if you have to convince people to do something that they don’t quite want, you’ve always got to be coming up with crazy ways to sell it to them. Although this isn’t my MAIN METHOD of earning income – I still use it all the time to sell valuable products and services to people who don’t know they want them… (yet)

Method #4 (ALMOST the greatest money making method ever, but not quite): Find out a product that a lot of people already want, and find the cheapest, best way of delivering it to them. Man, this method just rocks – the reason? No real selling required, you can acquire customers and keep them cheaper and longer if you give great value – PLUS, you can also upsell them products that they didn’t know they needed yet. However, this method still, although somewhat leveraged, is a high paying job – however, it’s a relatively easy one if you manage it properly. But unfortunately, if you stop working, your income stops, which leads us to…

Method #5: The BEST Way Of Money Getting In The History Of The World! Are you ready for this? Ok, grab a pen….

“Find a people who want a product with high profit margins and repeat purchases, find the best way of selling it to them WITHOUT you being involved in the process at all…”

I just had an orgasm.


Ok, I’m back – the cool thing about this method is that once you set it up – people give you money without you doing anything! Now that’s cool!

That means, you can make a ridiculous income, live wherever you want in the world, do what you love, and money just flows into your account on autopilot – with no hard work, effort, or energy involved.

That’s why I like Network Marketing (when done properly)

So here’s the couple of questions I have for you:

1. Are you trying to sell something that people just don’t want, or do you just suck at selling it?

2. Is there high enough profit in what you do to eventually outsource it so you don’t have to continue managing something for the rest of your life?

3. Is there a big enough market to sustain your dream lifestyle?

In any case – I hope that you take these concepts and make a boat load of cash – the world needs more rich people to create jobs, buy nice stuff, and otherwise show us all what’s possible when the mind of man or woman is focused on a singular cause.

To the top,


If this page tickled your fancy, comment and share 🙂

Moni Vargas
***Learn how to make ezmoney online with methods that really work.
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